Christmas thoughts

As we get closer to the 25th I am busy making sure I have the right food stocked for the right celebration, the gifts wrapped and ready, and planning schedules in my head. We talk about this season as a time for family, friends, and Jesus' birth. But am I really making sure that is what our Christmas is about?

Being a parent means that I get to celebrate this time of year with little people who are super excited about all of it. I set the example of what Christmas is to my children. I wonder how I am doing? Am I showing them that all I care about is the "right" present, the "right" wrapping, and the "right" amount of gifts. Do Josh and I put way to much emphasis on being nice for Santa to come? Or are we making sure that they know the whole reason for Christmas is Jesus. Do they know that His birthday is a the ultimate celebration? This is why we give to our loved ones. Are those gifts we are giving causing debt and stress or are they from the heart and in line with what God has called us to do financially? Are my kids going to know that if we were not celebrating this birthday we would be lost eternally?

All I know is that we are trying. We celebrate Advent and have a big party Christmas Eve for baby Jesus with cake and ice cream. Santa does come to our house Christmas morning because my kids love the story of Saint Nicolas and why he brought gifts. We have learned all about our traditions and where they came from. We have selected gifts for each other that give back and help those who are the least of these.

We are far from getting all this right and I welcome any advice you may have to make sure that my children know what we are celebrating Christmas for. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and know His love for you this 25th.

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