Something I needed to put down in writing....

So at our Mom's Night Out dinner this weekend we were reminiscing about our various birth stories. We talked about what we remember from delivery and how our kiddos got here. It occurred to me that I haven't written down my boys' first minutes after being born. They have heard it every year on their birthday but I need to actually write it down. What I love is how they came out in their little individual ways that were true to their personalities.

Clay came out with his eyes wide open and his mouth shut. No breathing, just looking around. They worked on him a little while and finally got him breathing. Knowing him the way we do now I firmly believe he was afraid he wasn't going to breath perfectly so he just didn't. Literally born a perfectionist and worrier!

Colin man was true to his personality as well. They popped him out and held him up for me. He was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs with his arms and feet spread wide. That child has been loud since he came out.

Cade~Cade came out crying just like a t.v. delivery. Then after they held him up he peed on all the nurses. All boy and all ornery.

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