Thoughs about Mary on this Friday

I was showing the boys some videos this morning and reading scripture about Jesus' trial, beating, and death. I kept thinking about Mary. Jesus came to save us, to give us eternal life. He did that for all of us. The story of the pain, the punishment, and the torture Jesus endured is always hard to think about.

But Jesus was her son....her baby. She knew him as the savior. But she knew what he looked like when he got up from a nap. She knew what he liked to eat for a snack. She knew when he took his first steps and when he learned to count money. She held him in her lap and sang to him. She realized one day that he had suddenly gotten taller than her. He was her boy....loud, dirty, and busy.

I think about Mary knowing that Jesus was here for a reason but not wanting him to suffer. There is a scene that shows her wiping up his blood after he is beaten. It makes so much sense to me! I cannot imagine how helpless she felt. Knowing you can't stop the hurt, knowing you can't hold him, it is beyond painful. Feeling like you have to DO something! As a mother I could relate.

I know that we don't have written scripture about Mary cleaning up after him or what she said while her son was being beaten. I know that the scenes are from a movie so please don't think I am taking every part not written in scripture as truth. But, I do know Mary was a mother and the pain she felt is something that can not be denied.

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